Yoko Anya
Sex Female
Date of Birth 64 BCS
Age 64
Race Dino
Place of Birth Koru't Islands
Height 5' 3"
Weight 164 lbs.
Occupation Former military medic/nurse and adventurer
Friend of Lucy
First Appeared in Order of the Scale

Yoko Anya is one of the supporting characters introduced in Order of the Scale.


Yoko first met Lucy in the midst of a devastating attack on Shang Kong in 19 BCS . While working as a field medic, Yoko hears crying amidst an empty alley. Investigating further, she finds a young Lucy hiding amongst rubble. Yoko thought that she had seen the last of Lucy when she reunited her with her adoptive father, but as battle became more frequent, she encountered them more and more. The two formed a strong bond, with Yoko fulfilling a sort of maternal role for Lucy. After Lucy set out on her own, she and Yoko lost contact for over four years until they yet again met in Shang Kong. Lucy had taken up bounty hunting since their split, and Yoko joins Lucy as her adviser and aid. Together, they capture many high profile criminals, but Yoko's age began to get the better of her, so four years later, she split once again from Lucy and returned home to the Koru't Islands.


Yoko enjoys helping others, a trait she got from her father, the village doctor. She abhors violence, but is not above using it, but only in the most extreme situations.


  • Oolong Tea
  • Painting


  • Violence
  • Air Travel
  • Horror Films