Raemus Goidero
Sex Male
Date of Birth 22 BCS
Age 22
Race Dino
Place of Birth La Gorgosa
Height 9’6”
Weight 1000 lbs.
Occupation Mercenary
Enemy of Lucy
Family Donko (cousin)
First Appeared in Hog Hunt

Raemus Goidero is one of the villians featured in Hog Hunt. He was created as a contest entry by Stephanie Bartel.


From his home in La Gorgosa, Raemus lived an only child with his grandparents. Throughout his simple childhood, he dreamed of a more action-filled life, often getting into fights and stealing from convenience stores. When he grew up, he enlisted in the Gorgosan Army, but was discharged a year later due to bad conduct. Still wanting to persue a life of action, he decided to become a mercenary. He didn't have much luck, landing very few gigs, but he had a great oppurtunity when many mercenaries were called for a raid on the Black Island. He was unsuccessful in catching any criminals, most of all failing in catching the leader Rachel, who was caught by Lucy.


Raemus is brash, often making many irrational decisions. He doesn't like being betrayed and is very competitive. He is very persistent and will put up with a lot to get what he wants.


  • Robot Model Kits
  • Energy Drinks


  • Watermelon

Original Bio by Stephanie BartelEdit


The original concept art of Raemus by Stephanie Bartel.

From the age of seven Raemus grew up in the care of his perpetually inebriated uncle in a small town tucked away from the cities. He lived an essentially unsupervized childhood, often stealing to earn what he wanted. As he grew past his teenage years he yearned to find a line of work that wasn't the menial labor of the towns large shipping business, and not to mention something that paid better. Raemus began to take interest in the bounty hunters and mercs that passed through the town as a resting point. After doing a little personal investigation, he found a place that gave job offers to willing mercs and guns for hire.

Wanting to give it a shot, he started out taking on simpler jobs. The more jobs he took, the risks he took. He started getting into bigger offers and getting bigger pay. Raemus loved the field not only for the earnings, but the thrill. He refused no job and got his hands dirty whenever possible. There was one person though who Raemus disliked among all others. It was a young mercenary named Lucy. More than once he encountered her while taking on work, and felt contempt for losing jobs to her.

His big break, as he considered it, came when one day he was anonymously propositioned to take out the mercenary pig known as Lucy. Raemus would be killing two birds with one stone; he would be ridding himself of an annoyance and getting paid heavily for it.

-Only wears his get-up when taking care of a job -Takes on any job, dirty or clean -Easily annoyed, quick to anger -Usually gets very smug when confronted -Likes to spend money on wines and beers, and kick back with the whole bottle -Too stingy to bet or gamble money, but would easily do it with peoples lives -Because of his large claws, he usually pics up small objects with the tips of them

His gear: Doesn't use guns and prefers hand to hand with his massive claws and forearms. What he does carry though are the brown cased stun bombs on his right leg. The black pouch holds Stunits (Small disk shaped devices that are thrown to latch onto a target and admister a shock that temporarily stuns the target). On the back of his leg is his finisher for killing off targets. He can reach back and slip the claw of his index fingers into the white sheath, removing it from its strap. Attached to it is a small needle-like bottle filled a combination of chemicals that kills the target almost instantly. He considers it the same as euthanizing an animal.

(This is the original bio of Raemus as written by his creator. It has no bearing over Lucy canon.)

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