Debuted on October 30, 2012
Completed on July 27, 2013
No. of Pages 43

 Order of the Scale is the first story arc of the webcomic Lucy. It debuted on October 30, 2012 and concluded on July 27, 2013, running 43 pages. It is one of two story arcs to be based on a previous work.

Plot SummaryEdit

After capturing extortionist Jack P., Lucy catches wind of a robbery attempt by two members of the Goomba Gang. After scaring them off, the would-be victim, Glenda, thanks Lucy by taking her to lunch. However, it is cut short when Lucy sees an urgent message from Yoko. Upon meeting her, Yoko informs Lucy that villagers have been disappearing over the course of a few days, and after capturing one of the people responsible, discovered that it was being insitgated by the missing villagers. She explains that people of the village are under heavy influence of Cloudyshrooms. Lucy immediately heads to the top of the island to investigate, where she finds armed guards stationed.

Original VersionEdit

In 2010, the original run of Lucy debuted on It ran for 16 pages before eventually being cancelled. The story featured during this run was a more prototypical version of Order of the Scale. Though the premise of the story is similar, many elements where changed. 

A page from the original Order of the Scale

Differences from the completed versionEdit

  • The original version features older designs of characters changed in the completed version.
  • In the original version, Lucy and Glenda are already friends, as opposed to just meeting for the first time in the completed version.
  • Lucy rides a vehicle (a scooter with a large sword protruding from the front) not featured in the completed version.
  • Originally, Lucy apprehends criminals not featured in the completed version.