Debuted on May 3, 2014
Completed on September 26, 2014
No. of Pages 15

Lucy: Gaiden is the third story arc of the webcomic Lucy. It debuted on May 3, 2014 and concluded on , running for 15 pages. It is the first story arc not to be based on a previous work.

Plot SummaryEdit

Set in 7 BCS, when Lucy is 16 years old. Now on her own, she finds herself lost in the backcountry of Kaggenthrall. Deciding to take a nap, she wakes up to find herself bound to a tree, with a mysterious group of strangers watching her. They were the Kuri-B'oh Tribe. The oldest of the group identifies themself as Posa, accompanied by his brother Tosa, and his son Pusa. Lucy is untied, and invited back to Kuri-B'oh village for food. Lucy begins to warm up to the villagers, but when the offer to let Lucy stay with them comes up, Tosa objects, claiming she would be a hindrance to the tribe.