Sex Female
Date of Birth 23 BCS
Age 23
Race Ork
Place of Birth Unknown
Height 4'0"
Weight 125 lbs.
Occupation Adventurer/Bounty Hunter
Friend of Yoko, Glenda
Enemy of Rachel
First Appeared in Order of the Scale 1

Lucy is the protagonist and titular character of the comic series of the same name.


Lucy was raised by a mercenary, whom discovered her as an abandoned infant. She grew up in a constant state of travel, as her guardian was participating in many missions during the war. At the age of 16, Lucy was seperated from her guardian under mysterious circumstances. Not long after that, she got herself lost in the country of Kaggenthrall. While resting under a tree, she had been discovered by the Ku'ri-boh Tribe, whom she befriended shortly after. After living amoungst them for a few years,she split from the tribe, to continue travelling on her own. Soon, she reunites with Yoko, a friend whom she met as a child. Interested in becoming a bounty hunter, Lucy asks if Yoko would like to travel with her as her partner, to which she agrees. For four years, the two work together and capture many high profile criminals. Eventually, however, the stress of travel began to be too much for Yoko's aged body, so the two seperate as Yoko returns home to the Koru't Islands. Now on her own, Lucy continues her work in Demonhead City where she can be closer to Yoko.

A month later, she meets Glenda for the first time, after saving her from the Goomba Gang. The two became fast friends. After another month, Glenda was kidnapped by Rachel in attempt to lure Lucy. After a quick confrontation, Rachel tries to kill Lucy by blowing up the warehouse where they met. Worried of future attacks, Lucy stays with Glenda in order to keep her safe. Mitchel, who believes Lucy was responsible for the warehouse explosion, hires both Diablo and Raemus to kill her in retaliation. Raemus confronts her first, and is easily fended off. Later that day, she is confronted by Diablo, who proves to be much more of a match. Before the fight could continue, Rachel greets them. She asks that Diablo let her have a turn at Lucy, to which he agrees. Tired, Lucy is unable to fight back against Rachel's assault. Still wanting to do more to her, Rachel offers Diablo double of his prize in exchange for Lucy. Suddenly, Rachel is accosted by Raemus, looking to capture her. This leads to a three way scuffle between the two as well as Diablo, leaving Lucy a window of escape. But yet another contender comes for her, this time being Mitchel. The police arrive to break up the disturbance. Lucy is let off by the chief, but is warned not to cause any more trouble.


Lucy is very carefree, but won't stand for an injustice happening around her. She is very quick to act and has a brash attitude. Often on the road, she hardly makes friends, but the one she makes, she cherishes more than anything else, becoming very attached. She has a very broad experience of other cultures and people (mostly food), but lacks basic a formal education and has no knowledge of technology. 


  • Hot Sauce
  • Salt-water Taffy
  • Strawberry Milkshakes


  • Wearing Shoes
  • Using Guns
  • Puzzle Games

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