The following is an incomplete list of all places mentioned or featured in Lucy

The Legend of Lucy World Map

Federation of StatesEdit

The Federation of States is a country located in the northwest hemisphere. It is home to a large mix or races, Humans being the most prevalent.

Demonhead CityEdit


Demonhead City as first seen in Order of the Scale

Demonhead City is a bay town on the southern coast, directly north of the Koru't Islands. It is famous for being the first city in the Federated States to implement a modern sewer system. It was largely experimental, using large stemming pipes popping from the ground. The city's sewer's have changed significantly since then, but many of the original pipes still stand as historical monuments. It is, as of late, a hotbed of criminal activity due to it's strong gang and mob presence. It is these factors that eventually led to a weakened economy in the city.

Wonder City Edit

Wonder City is a low-populated town located far north of Demonhead City. It's the former home of Glenda and her family, and centered around a military base.

Koru't IslandsEdit

The Koru't Islands are three small islands located south of the Federated States. It is the home of Yoko, Berserker, and Rock-Smasher. It is a territory of La Gorgosa.


Kaggenthrall is a small country to the southeast hemisphere. It is a low-populated country, made up mostly of indigenous tribes. It is the homeland of the Kuri-B'oh Tribe.

Koboldan Edit

Koboldan is a country in the northeast hemisphere, along Zanzibar Bay. It is a Goblin-controlled territory, but is not their point of origin. In 416 BCS, Goblins migrated south from Pekkoban to pursue a different lifestyle; one of prosperity and advancement, as Pekkoban Goblins at the time were not as willing to trade with the outside world.

Pekkoban Edit

Pekkoban is a country in the northeast hemisphere, near the top of the continent. It is the homeland of the Goblin race,

Son RepublicEdit

The Son Republic is a country in the northeast hemisphere, across the bay from Koboldan. Its capital, "Shang Kong" is one of the largest cities in the world.

"The Black Island"Edit

"The Black Island" was a small island located east of the Son Republic. Formally a principality used as a resort, it was purchased by Frank Giallo and turned into a center headquarters for a massive piracy ring. The island also became home to many escaped criminals and was a major port of illegal trafficking. In 2 BCS, a coordinated attack by the Federated States Grand Military, as well as many hired mercenaries, invaded and successfully took control of the island. It is currently abandoned.

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