Glenda Bailey
Sex Female
Date of Birth 19 BCS
Race Goblin
Place of Birth Federated States
Height 4'9"
Weight 97 lbs.
Occupation Mechanic
Friend of Lucy
Family Justin Bailey (brother), Cera Bailey (mother)
First Appeared in Order of the Scale 11

Glenda is the best friend of Lucy. She is a recurring character who first appeared in Order of the Scale.


Born and raised in a small town, nestled between two major highways, Glenda has never had much to look forward to in life, despite her ambitions. She mostly kept to herself growing up, writing computer programs as a hobby. After she was rejected from joining the Blue Army, Glenda used what little money she had to start her own repair business in Demonhead City. Shortly after moving into her new home, two members of the Goomba Gang and held her up in an attempt to rob her. Before they could, they were ambushed by Lucy, who scared them off. Grateful for her help, Glenda takes Lucy out to lunch as a reward. Though dire circumstances caused Lucy to leave prematurely, she eventually came back to meet Glenda, and the two became fast friends.

One month later, Glenda is kidnapped by Rachel in an effort to lure out Lucy. Her rescue resulted in the explosion of Ship Shape Warehouse, which it's owner, Mitchel, blames on Lucy. To retaliate, he hires two mercenaries, Diablo and Raemus, to kill her.


Glenda is very demure and sometimes flat-tone. She is prone to being snappy and sarcastic when stressed, but otherwise is easy-going. She is very analytical, and enjoys studying how things work, particuarly machines. 


  • A soft, comfy bed
  • Many varieties of tea
  • Open-source software
  • Robotics


  • Smoke
  • Screechy noises
  • Computer-illiterate people