Frank Giallo
Sex Male
Date of Birth 53 BCS
Date of Death 12 BCS
Age 41
Race Human
Occupation Pirate
First Appeared in Hog Hunt 14

Frank Giallo is the late father of Rachel.


The child of a hotel mogul, Frank lived a luxorious life free of troubles. He was very charismatic, though eccentric, and as he grew up, became a celebrity in his homeland. After the death of his father, he became the soul beneficiary to all his riches, as well as his company stocks, with which Frank immediately sold. With all the money he had just obtained, Frank set his sights on a small island principality off the coast of the Son Republic. Used primarily as a beach resort for well-off individuals, it was bought under the guise that it would be renovated. Instead, Frank turned the island into his very own criminal empire. Over the course of 20 years, the island became the center of a massive piracy ring that ravaged Zanzibar Bay, as well as housed many escaped criminals and illegal contraband. Looking to expand his lineage, Frank paid a woman 1 Million Gold to have his child, which he raised alone. He cared for his child like any parent would, despite the chaotic nature of the Black Island, and the child would grow to be a suitable heir to his fortune. In 12 BCS, during an attack by a group of raiders, Frank was gunned down.

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