Cera Bailey
Sex Female
Date of Birth 49 BCS
Age 49
Race Goblin
Place of Birth Koboldan
Occupation Cafe Manager
Family Glenda (daughter) Justin Bailey (son)
First Appeared in Glenda Gaiden

Cera Bailey is Glenda's mother. She first appeared in Glenda Gaiden.

History Edit

Cera is native to a small village in Koboldan. She was the youngest of five children. Her childhood was a quiet one, save for an abusive relationship she had in her teen years. When she became an adult, she had traveled to the Federated States with her sister Celie. Shortly after, she had met an older Goblin man, with whom she had quickly grown infatuated with. He had come from Pekkoban to start his own restaurant chain. When it was discovered that Cera was bearing a child, the two immediately got married. Their first child, Justin, was born just a year later.

Personality Edit

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