Richter Espinosa
Sex Male
Date of Birth 30 BCS
Age 30
Race Dino
Place of Birth Koru't Islands
Height 6'5"
Weight 210 lbs.
Occupation Gardener
Friend of Rock-Smasher
First Appeared in Order of the Scale 22

Berserker (real name Richter Espinosa) is a villian who was featured in Order of the Scale. Like Rock-Smasher , he was under the control of Arremer through use of Cloudyshrooms.


A native to the Koru't Islands, Richter was bulied among his peers as a child for his interest in flowers. One day, as he was being bullied by other children, a older girl named Cheche came to his aid. Ever thankful, he stuck by her side, and the two have been friends ever since. Richters interest in flowers continued into adulthood, where he became the village's sole gardening service. Despite there never being one before, he soon found work, and is able to make a living. In 0 ACS, he was forced into consuming Cloudyshrooms by Arremer, and manipulated into being his lackey, getting the alias "Berserker." He, along with the other villagers, were rescued by Lucy. Despite his bad experience, he decided to keep the gloves he was given.


Richter is an awkward fellow. He often uses humor to make himself comfortable in social situations, or to cheer up friends. If he fails to make someone laugh, he'll freeze up in anxiety.


  • Flowers
  • Reading
  • Heavy Metal Music


  • Fire
  • Television

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